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Dry hands during lockdown?

If we’re honest, since the lockdown we’ve probably never washed our hands so much in all our lives. We almost certainly never sang “Happy Birthday” when washing our hands either.


Hand washing is something we should all be doing regularly in the fight against not only Coronavirus, but also everyday dirt, grime and bacteria. Simply, there is no substitute for good hand hygiene. If you can’t get soap and water, then using a quality hand sanitiser is the next best thing until you can.


But, and there’s always a but, there’s often a price to pay with all this hand washing.


Dry, cracked and chapped hands.

Since lockdown and all this hand washing, you may have noticed this yourself. It’s not nice, and cracked skin can actually help harbour germs and bacteria so it’s something that needs to be addressed. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Condition your skin as you clean with Soft Care

Diversey’s Soft Care Range not only cleans effectively, they also moisturise AND recondition dry and chapped hands.

The Soft Care range also includes various hand washes including bactericidal products and moisturising creams for additional hand conditioning and new Soft Care Des E Spray has a low viscosity, making it suitable for application through a wide range of hygiene devices.


Soft Care Des E and Des E Spray are alcohol-based hand sanitisers enriched with skin conditioning emollients to keep skin soft and protect against irritation.

All Diversey Soft Care sanitisers are dermatologically tested and contain a skin softener helping the skin to remain smooth and intact, particularly in areas where frequent hand disinfection is required. Their dye and fragrance-free formulas reduce the potential risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions for users with sensitive skins. Soft Care Des E and Des E Spray also meet CDC, WHO, PHAC hand hygiene recommendations. Furthermore, they eliminate the risk of tainting foods making them suitable for food processing areas.

Diversey offer globally trusted hand care formulations in their Soft Care range which comprises colour-coded soaps, sanitisers and creams. These are used widely in hospitals, care homes, schools and other settings where prevention of infection is critical. 


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