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Why Soft Care?

With additional safety measures in place, it looks like the return to work and some form of normality is achievable with the right PPE and hand care.

As we navigate our return to work, the excellent levels of hand hygiene that we have incorporated into our daily routines becomes even more important. As we all know, there is no substitute for good hand hygiene in the fight against not only Coronavirus, but also everyday dirt, grime and bacteria.

If you need any help or advice or what product is best to use and when, then we are happy to help. Diversey offer globally-trusted hand care formulations in their Soft Care range which comprises colour-coded soaps, sanitisers and creams. These are trusted worldwide for use in hospitals, care homes, schools, restaurants, food and drink processing plants and other settings where prevention of infection is critical. 

All Diversey Soft Care sanitisers are dermatologically tested and contain a skin softener helping the skin to remain smooth and intact, particularly in areas where frequent hand disinfection is required. They are perfume-free, thus eliminating the risk of tainting foods, and making it suitable for food areas.

Products such as the new Soft Care Des E Spray have a low viscosity, making it suitable for application through a wide range of hygiene devices.

The Soft Care range also includes various hand washes including bactericidal products and moisturising creams for additional hand conditioning.

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